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The activities you plan for your retreat will be much influenced by the purpose of the Retreat.  We purposely do not have recreational facilities or meal preparation and service.  Nor do we have teaching or recreational staff.  Our sincere prayer for your group is that these "limitations" will provide you special opportunities to grow closer together just as you would in any home when you must share in planning and other necessary tasks.

LEADERS, as you plan your time here we ask you schedule time in the Scriptures daily.  However, we also ask you to refrain from scheduling so many teaching meetings that people in your group do not have ample relaxed time together to allow the Holy  Spirit to minister to each one in your group as they take time to share their joys and burdens with one another.

You may wish to plan among yourselves times of simply relaxing in the many porch rockers, (some groups list an hour of "porch time" on their schedules), long walks or runs along the Retreat paths or country roads, or gathering flowers for the tables.  You may also want to bring games (volleyball, croquet, softball, etc.) to play outside away from the houses and table games for inside activity.

Round Top Retreat
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