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The Retreat began simply as a weekend place for our family, Nick, Euphanel and Libe Goad, in fall 1980.  Soon, Houston friends involved in Christian counseling had clients they were sure would benefit by getting away from the city to spend a weekend in the country with us.  By 1982, word had traveled among various Christian groups (Bible studies, Sunday schools, nurses, etc.) that there was a little "farm" in Round Top where people might gather for retreats.

As the weekends were filled, we were led by the Lord to buy an old house built between 1860 and 1869 and move it to the "farm."  The house was restored to provide for our "other weekenders."  At this time we still had no idea our little farm would one day become a full time ministry of our Lord Jesus.  We simply rushed out of Houston every Friday afternoon to try to arrive before our guests for the weekend.

As the houses were filled again and again, we had to turn people away.  Our Lord began prompting both of us to begin plans for a new larger "retreat" home.  We reluctantly began plans for this home, which stretched our faith, finances, energies and skills.  At times we were overwhelmed by the exhaustion, cost and difficulties of such an undertaking, yet our Lord gave us a deep peace (John 16:33, II Corinthians 4:1) to continue.

He had a plan we could not have foreseen and indeed do not still fully understand.  A man who is a CPA, a partner in a manufacturing business and later an instructor at Blinn College and his wife with an interior design background were to build a "home" in Round Top for people to gather for Eternal purposes.  This was to be a place where people gather to encourage each other and look for answers to the perplexities of life in the Scriptures as well as a place to build relationships that will enhance their lives and the lives of their associates.  We believe He has many other purposes that we will not know this side of heaven!

Round Top Retreat
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